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Five Most Instagrammable Spots in Chicago

By Katie Marie


A trip to the Midwest wouldn’t be complete without a stop in the Windy City. Chicago’s living conditions of very cold weather may not be for everyone but is more so a metro area known for other attractors like deep-dish pizza and being one of the leading transportation hubs in the nation. The city that sits on Lake Michigan offers unique views of the water and has plenty of hot-spots to visit within its large downtown area. Check out these five most Instagrammable spots in Chicago to visit on your next trip to Illinois:

  1. Greetings From Mural

    Photo courtesy of Girl’s Guide Chicago

Start your journey to Chicago with a pic of the iconic “Greetings From” mural located on Milwaukee Avenue in the Bucktown neighborhood. This fantastic piece of art is a throwback to the postcard era with different scenes of what makes Chicago great. You’ll find references to the city’s food stars, deep dish pizza, and hot dogs, as well as views of downtown and Lake Michigan. All of Chicago’s sports teams are represented as well as a nod to famous movies that were filmed in the city. The mural was a joint effort between photographer Lisa Beggs and graffiti artists Victor Ving and is a sight to see. It is perfect to add to your Instagram feed at the beginning of your trip!

  1. The Bean

Photo courtesy of Girl’s Guide Chicago

Formally known as “Cloud Gate,” this iconic piece of art sits in beautiful Millennium Park in the heart of downtown Chicago. The Bean is quite possibly the most well-known tourist attraction in the city with many visitors flocking to see this unique structure. The 110-tons of steel that make up the piece was created by Sir Anish Kapoor, a British artist, who completed the project in 2006. The polished exterior to the piece creates a mirror-like effect that allows you to take a perfect reflected selfie as well as skew the image of the downtown skyline.

  1. Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Did we mention that Chicago is a bit finicky about their food? Everyone who visits the Windy City must try a hot dog the way the locals do. You’ll find plenty of hot dog spots within the city, but one of the best-known local chains is Portillo’s Hot Dogs. This place brings you a hometown American diner feel along with plenty of different hot dog options. Their most famous one is a hot dog that comes on a poppy seed bun with sport-peppers, onions, mustard, tomatoes, and pickles. Eat like the locals but don’t dare ask for ketchup on your dog. The hot dog itself is enough to make mouths water on your Insta-feed as well as the unique decorations of the inside of the restaurant. Take our word for it and order yourself a Chocolate Cake Shake that is made with a slice of chocolate cake at the bottom of the cup for a delicious end to your meal.

  1. Wrigley Field

Photo courtesy of Midwest Living

This small home to the Chicago Cubs sits on one city block on the North side of Chicago. Wrigley Field is the second oldest ballpark in the country and is known seats that all have a great view of the field. The small size of the park still seats over 42,000 fans, but it doesn’t ever feel that large when you’re watching a game. Get tickets to see the Cubs play during the spring and summer for an authentic Chicago experience. At the very least, stop by the field to get a selfie of the infamous marquee located above the main entrance. Wrigley Field also offers informational tours for those who want to learn more about the ballpark or the Cubs themselves.

  1. Buckingham Fountain

photo courtesy of Welcome to Chicago

Grant Park is the home to this memorial fountain that was installed in 1927. Buckingham Fountain has been featured in many television shows and movies and is considered the front door access point to downtown Chicago. Located in Grant Park, the fountain is said to represent Lake Michigan and is one of the largest fountains in the world. It was designed by Edward H. Bennett and was donated by the Buckingham family as a memorial to Clarence Buckingham. The fountain is a favorite spot in the city with water shows every hour and a beautiful lighted water display at night.

There are plenty of Insta-worthy spots in Chicago: from famous sculptures to great food, to time-honored ballparks. In Chicago, you’ll always find something to snap a photo of. Check out these five most Instagrammable spots in Chicago on your next trip to the heart of the Midwest.

Katie Marie is a writer, avid yogi, and outdoor explorer. She spends most of her time practicing meditation and wellness using organic elements within nature.

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